This website provides Databases for:

  • Startups and Corporate Grade Fundraisers looking to access Venture Capital, Private Equity or Angel Investors in the Middle East. This includes updated 2023 Lists of top Funding contracts in the Middle East.

  • Individuals and Companies looking to reach High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth investors in Dubai. This includes the largest collection of Dubai Property Investors in the past few years.

The Ultimate Guide To Raising Middle East Venture Capital / Startup Funds

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Dubai Investors

Are you looking to raise capital in the Middle East? This comprehensive directory of Middle East Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Funding groups, features 140 key firms that provide capital to startups and invest in businesses throughout the region. This directory is the most up-to-date and valuable resource available for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to secure funding in the Middle East.

The Directory contains the following:

•             Company Name

•             Country Location

•             Company Description

•             Investment Approach

•             Summary

•             Key Investment Sectors

•             Website Address

Our directory offers a wealth of information and insights to help you make informed decisions and connect with the right investors.

With the Middle East emerging as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, our directory is a must-have resource for anyone looking to succeed in the region’s vibrant startup ecosystem.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or a startup looking for funding, our directory is an indispensable resource that can save you time and effort in your research.

This comprehensive directory will help you identify potential investors that align with your business goals and objectives. Whether you’re looking to raise capital for your startup or invest in businesses in the Middle East, our directory is the go-to resource for researching potential partners in the region for fundraising initiatives.

Note: This Directory includes an excel spreadsheet that includes the email addresses.

Database include the Groups Below

Middle East Venture Capital

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Our Updated 2023 Dubai Investors List helps clients reach High Net Worth Investors !

This is the best database for Dubai based Real Estate Brokers who want to expand their marketing lists.

If you can’t make money using this database you need to get out of the Real Estate business!

A Recent Dubai Real Estate Broker Database purchaser


US$ 199

On 1 Single Excel Sheet!

Dubai Investors List

Less than 1% Bounce Rate

Total UHNW & HNW Contacts in this Offer – 42,000!

Emails Only – No Mobiles

Fully Updated / Verified Emails!

This database was sorted and filtered by analyzing over 200,000 Dubai Property Transactions between 2020,2021 & 2022.

It includes the following High Net Worth Investors that purchased:

• Multiple Property Investments

• Dubai Property Purchasers in 2020, 2021 & 2022

• Bulk Buyers in any single Residential / Commercial project

• Single Asset purchases more than US$ 1 million

• Hotel, Commercial Office, Warehouse, Land for Development

Note: To be on this database the email address must be valid and verified.

This database is ideal for sophisticated marketers and Corporate grade clients looking to build a long term database with the highest level of Dubai Investors . At present, January 2023, the 42,000 HNW Investors list has 100% Validated emails and less than 1% Bounce Rate based on email verification software screening. No one is on this list unless they were updated on a 2020, 2021, or 2022 Dubai Investors database.


US$ 99

Dubai Investors List

This is a Custom List of Ultra High Net Worth Arab Investors in Dubai.

12,000 Contacts (Emails Only, no Mobiles)

This list includes the following categories and requirements, screened from over 250,000 individual transactions, over a 7 year period. It has been updated and validated by a email verification service in January 2023. Therefore you will receive less than1% bounce backs!

  • Individual High Value Residential Purchases of over US$ 1,000,000
  • Top UAE Nationals by investment value
  • Buyers of Multiple Units in a single Project
  • Bulk  Buyers over a 7 year period (minimum 5 properties)
  • Buyers of Land Plots / Buildings / Commercial Offices / Warehouses etc.
  • Active participation in New Project Launches
  • Includes investors from UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain

This database is suitable for companies looking to market Luxury Property, Investment Opportunities, or other Business Opportunities to the highest level of Arab investors in Dubai.

Some examples of Marketing Opportunities for this Database include:

Luxury Property – Over US$ 1,000,000

Luxury Automobiles – Over US$ 200,000

Investment Opportunities – Over US$ 100,000



US$ 99

Are you looking to Reach Dubai Forex & Cryptocurrency Investors?

This rare Database contains over 300,000 Dubai based Forex / Cryptocurrency / Stock / Investment Company Investors.

Includes: Emails plus Mobile Numbers

All emails verified and validated January 2023. Less than 1% Bounce Rate

This is an exclusive database of people who have invested or traded cryptocurrencies , Forex and CFD’s in Dubai. In addition our Financial Company and Investment Company Database includes over 300,000 contacts in Dubai who invest in :

  • Stocks
  • Forex
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Real Estate (Ultra High Net Worth Version)
  • Startup Companies (Venture Capital & Angel Investors)

If your company has been looking to target Cryptocurrency Investors, Forex , Stock and Investment Grade clients this database is the perfect marketing tool. This list helps you pitch your investment or business opportunity to qualified contacts or raise funds for your new or existing projects.

View Database Details Below

Dubai Investors Lit 2023

For more information on the Forex / Crypto / Stock Investors Database contact us via the Contact Form below.



Middle East Venture Capital 2023

This is an exclusive database of over 500 Private Equity , Venture Capital & Investment Company Investors in the Middle East. This database has a mix of the company names, key personnel, website addresses and email addresses and in some cases LinkedIn profiles.



Are you looking to raise Capital for your Startup? Are you looking to reach key Funding and Capital Raising Contacts?

Our  Databases include Venture Capital , Private Equity and Angel Investors lists for: USA, Canada UK / Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, China and more.

Global Venture Capital, Private Equity, & Angel Investors Database List Options

Venture Capital Investor Databases

Sample Spreadsheet View

Venture Capital Investors Database

The Global Venture Capital , Private Equity  and Angel Investors list includes:

  • Middle East 2023 Investor Database Consolidated Version 500 Contacts
  • 2023 USA Ultimate Seed Investor Database Bundle Premium Version
  • ASIA PACIFIC Private Equity & Venture Capital Investors 2023 
  • Australia Private Equity & Venture Capital Investors 2023
  • Blockchain Master USA UK Europe Canada 2022
  • Canada Individual Angels Updated 2023
  • Canada Private Equity & Venture Capital Investors 2023
  • Chinese Private Equity & Venture Capital Investors 2023
  • Family Investment Office Database USA Version 2023
  • India VC & PE Investors List 2023
  • UK & Europe Venture Capital Contacts 2023
  • USA Ultimate Venture Capital Database 2023
  • USA Private Equity & Venture Capital Investors 2023
  • USA Top 500 Tech Investors Custom Screened List 2022

Key Investment Sectors include:

  • Technology (software, app development, etc.)
  • E-commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Renewable energy
  • Biotechnology
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Finance (Fintech)
  • Media and entertainment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Transportation and logistics.

Global Venture Capital / Angel Investors Database FAQ:

  • The Global Investors Database is a comprehensive database of Angel investors, Venture Capitalists, and Investment funds you can use to quickly find & contact relevant investors
  • These investors represent thousands of funds investing in Early and Late Stage companies
  • These investors have invested in tens of thousands of companies

Q. How did you get this data?

A. We started building this dataset manually a few years ago when we started raising money for new projects. After growing it to over a thousand investors, we decided to expand our resources to  compile other datasets to grow this database to over 90,000 contacts.

Q. How should I contact these investors?

A. Please don’t spam these investors! Compile a list of relevant investors you think would be interested in your project, then use a credible email service, or better yet, contact them individually!

Q. How often is this data updated?

A. We work on this database full-time to make improvements on it by adding new contacts and deleting old contacts.

Q. How many investors do you have?

A. We have over 90,000+ contacts, and 70,000 of those have emails.

Q. What kind of investors do you have?

A. We have all kinds of investors, but the majority of the database are Angel Investors, Private Equity and Venture Capital firms.

Contact us for prices on these databases.

A sample of recent Clients that used our service:

• One of Dubai’s largest Law Firms used our marketing database to promote investment seminars.

• An Investment Bank in Dubai used our HNW Database to promote investment in a Real Estate REIT product.

• A Dubai Real Estate Developer used our broad-based Investor List to promote a new Real Estate project.

• A UK Based Investment Company promoted a Fund Opportunity to HNW targets.

• A USA Investment Company selling a Guaranteed Return Student Rental Investment Development Project in Seattle targeted HNW investors.

• A USA Real Estate Company used our broad-based investor list to market a Florida Retirement Residential Development.

• A Canadian Real Estate Developer in Toronto utilized our Dubai HNW investor list to promote a Waterfront Condo Project.

• A Dubai Real Estate Broker used our UHNW Dubai investors list to sell Luxury Villas on Palm Jumeirah.

• An Indian Property Developer in India used our Custom NRI investors list to market luxury property.

Recent Database Marketing Success Stories:

 • A Dubai Broker used our Premium Database service in January 2021 and sold 15 properties over 3 months and earned US$90,000 in commission.

• A Dubai Broker used our Premium Database service in April 2021 and sold 9 properties and 2 plots of land over 6 months and earned commissions of US$ 125,000.

• A Canadian Real Estate Agent used our UHNW Investors List in March 2020 and sourced a Middle East client who purchased 30 new condos over a 6-month period and earned over US$ 180,000 in fees.

• A UK Estate Agent used our UHNW Investors List in August 2020 and sold 2 Luxury Flats in London to a contact from Dubai earning commissions of US$ 50,000.

• A Real Estate Agent in Dubai used our Database in February 2021 and obtained 10 Property Listings over a 1 month period earning over US$ 75,000 in commissions.

• A Real Estate Agent used our UHNW Investors List in March 2021 and sold 5 Villas to a contact from Dubai earning US$ 60,000 commission.

• A USA Property Developer used our UHNW Investors List in March 2021 and sold 5 Homes in California to a contact from Dubai earning US$ 4,000,000 in sales.

• A Dubai based Interior Design Company used our UHNW Investors List in June 2021 and acquired a contract to design and provide furniture for 2 luxury villas and 1 office resulting in US$ 125,000 in orders.

These clients prove that marketing to a qualified database is one of the best decisions they have ever made! In order to reach the same number of qualified contacts you would need to spend over US$ 5,000 on Google Ad Words or Face Book ads.

For more information on the UHNW Database contact us via the Contact Form below.

Now AvailableApril 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Business in Dubai


Starting a Business in Dubai

Ultimate Guide to Starting a Business in Dubai. Includes over 200 Pages plus Fundraising Contacts!


Includes: 72 Key Venture Capital / Funding Contacts

From visa requirements and legal matters to the business registration process, banking and finance, and more, this guide covers every aspect of starting a business in Dubai. By the time you finish reading this guide, you will have a clear understanding of the steps involved in setting up a business in Dubai, the costs involved, the legal and regulatory requirements, and the key factors that contribute to the success of your business.

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