Dubai Investors List – 2021 Version



Ultra High Net Worth Investors Database – 2021 Version      (UPDATED JANUARY 2021)

Dubai Ultra High Net Worth Investors List

Full List – 45,000 Contacts – with Emails and Mobiles Numbers –  US$ 799

  “There are over 25,000  US$ Millionaires in Dubai – approximately 80% of them are in this Database!”

The Top 45,000 Investors in Dubai – 2021 Version (Based on 275,000   Property Transactions)


(45,000 Contacts with Emails & Mobiles)

(2021 Version)  Our Ultra High Net Worth Database –  has over 45,000 contacts including emails and mobiles on 1 single excel spreadsheet. This is an exclusive list and has been created by filtering over 275,000 Dubai property transactions from our Database Library  .  This database includes the top tier of Dubai Property Investors over the past 10 years and has been recently updated to include 10,000  thousand  new entries and updates as of 2021 . It contains  all multiple unit purchasers, bulk buyers, Land Developers , Hotel and Commercial Building Investors. This list is ideal for  Corporate groups , investment companies or individuals looking to raise funds or sell projects in excess of US$ 2 million.  This exclusive list was the result of detailed analysis of transactions from the major Dubai Developers including Emaar, Nakheel, Dubai Properties Group. This is our most requested list and in 2019 4 purchasers of the list earned over  US$400,000  in commissions with it. This list is suitable for Corporate or Professional Marketing Companies who are looking for exposure to the highest level of Expatriate and  UAE National residents. This list will make you more money than any other marketing strategy you initiate in 2021!!! It is a proven list that continues to make money for sophisticated marketers.

Source of Ultra High Net Worth Database: This database was compiled by reviewing over 275,000 property transactions on over 180 excel spreadsheets over a ten-year period up to 2021 . We recently updated and added over 10,000 new contacts as of 2021 . This database includes the highest quality of investors contained in the Database Library of over 180 spreadsheets.

Filters Used: We compiled all the transactions from the 180+ individual spreadsheets  on to 1 excel spreadsheet and sorted them based on value of assets over US$ 1 million, multiple purchasers of units, land purchasers, building purchasers, other high profile asset purchases in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Database Includes: The database includes details of a single property they purchased (just for evidence that they purchased a property) – however this may not be the most expensive one. The database also includes email and mobiles for all entries.

Who should buy this database: This list is suitable for general email marketing campaigns however it would also be suitable for International Property or more sophisticated investment offerings. This list is also suitable for bulk SMS or WhatsApp Marketing.

Why is this the best Database if I want to find wealthy Dubai Investors?

There are around 25,000 millionaires in Dubai, newly-released research has found. According to New World Wealth, the city boasts the second biggest number of millionaires – measured in US Dollars – in the Middle East, behind only Istanbul in Turkey.
With a population of 2.2 million, it means roughly one in 100 people – or one in 23 households – in Dubai are very well off and have a significant amount of disposable income. The figures exclude the value of primary residences. Based on this it is safe to assume that the Ultra High Net Worth Dubai Investors List probably covers 80% of the millionaires in Dubai.

  Click Here To See Sample Databases Of All The Lists     it contains the entire Dubai Database Library of over 180 spreadsheets with over 275,000 property transactions  which were filtered over several months to create the databases you are purchasing below.  

Database includes Purchasers of the following Projects: Jumeirah Gate – Port De La Mer –  Al Barari – Al Bateen Residences – Al Ghozlan 4 – Al Hebiah Fourth – Al Jawzaa A – Al Manara – Al Manara Building – Al Nakheel 3 – Al Shera – Al Thanayah Fourth – Al Thanyah Fifth – Alma 2 – Almas Tower – Armada – Atlantic Tower 1 – Bahar 1 – Bay Square Bldg. 10 – Bayside Residence – Blvd Walk 8 – Bonnington – Burj Dubai Tower – Burlington Tower – Canal Residences West – Cayan Tower – Centrium – Champions Tower 1 – Claverton House 2 – Dubai Gate 1 – Dubai Investment Park First – Dubai Star – Elite 3 – Elite 5 Sports Residence – Elite 8 Sports Residence – Elite Residence 1 Elite Residence 6 – Emirates Gardens – Emirates Gardens 1 – Emirates Gardens II – Mulberry 1 – Emirates Hills Third – Executive Towers – Fair View Residency – Fortunato – Fortune Executive Tower – Giovanni Boutique Suite – Gold Crest View 2 – Gold Tower – Goldcrest Executive – Green Community – Green Lakes S1 – Grosvenor Business Tower – I Rise Tower – IT Plaza Jade Residence – Jumeirah Beach Residence – La Riviera Estates – La Vista 01 – Lago Vista A – Lake City Tower – Lake Plaza 1 – Lake Shore Tower – Lakeside Residence – Liberty House – Logo Vista – Madina Tower – Mag 214 – Mag 218 – Manchester Tower – Marina Crown – Marina Diamond 3 – Marina Diamond 6 – Marina Diamond A – Marina Heights – Marina Heights 1 – Marsa Dubai – Marina Mansions – Marina Residence B – Marina Tower – Marina Wharf 1 – Mazaya Business Avenue – Mesk – Millennium Estates – Murjan Dubai – My Tower – N02 – Palace Tower 2 – Palladium – Palm Jumeirah – Palm Views West – Park Central – Plaza Residences 1 – Prime Business Center A – Queue Point – Remraam – Rimal 3 – Royal Oceanic – Royal Residence 1 – Ruby Residence – Saba Tower 2 – Season Community Autumn 2 – Shams 4 – Sherlock Circus 3 – Silicon Arch – Silicon Gates 1 – Silicon Heights – Silver Tower – Silverene Tower A – Sky Courts Tower E – Skycourts Tower D – Sulafa Tower – Thayah Third – The Crescent C – The Dubai Mall Residences The Executive Tower – The Villa – The Waves – Tiara Residence – Time Place Tower – Trident Grand Residence – Trident Marinascape Avant – Tuscan Residence 1 – Florence 2 – University View B – V3 – Viceroy Hotel Resort Residences – Victory Heights – Wadi Alsafa 6 -World Trade Centre Residence – The World Islands – Zenith A1 – and many more!

The last 9 purchases from my Dubai Database website were:

  1. One of Dubai’s largest Law Firms purchased the list to promote investment seminars.
  2. An Investment Bank in Dubai purchased the list to promote investment in a Real Estate REIT product.
  3. A Dubai Real Estate Developer promoting a new Real Estate project.
  4. A UK Based Investment Company purchased the list to promote  a Fund Opportunity.
  5. A USA Investment Company selling a Guaranteed Return Student Rental Investment Development Project in Seattle .
  6. A USA Company purchased the list to market a Florida Retirement Residential Development.
  7. A Canadian Real Estate  Developer in Toronto purchased the list to promote a Waterfront Condo Project . 
  8. A Spanish Property Developer purchased the list to sell Investment Property .
  9. A Dubai Real Estate Broker purchased the list to sell Luxury Villas on Palm Jumeirah.

These lists get purchased typically by Corporate or Institutional Grade firms.

Note: You should expect between 85%  to 95% delivery rates for this database. Mobile SMS and WhatsApp Marketing should be in the 90%+ delivery ranges. No refunds on database transactions.

Recent Database Marketing Success Stories:

  • A Dubai Broker used our Premium Database service in January 2019 and sold 15 properties over 3 months and earned US$90,000 in commission.
  • A Dubai Broker used our Premium Database service in April 2019 and sold 9 properties and 2 plots of land over 6 months and earned commissions of US$ 125,000.
  • A Canadian Real Estate Agent used our UHNW Investors List in March 2019 and sourced a Middle East client who purchased 30 new condos over a 6-month period and earned over US$ 180,000 in fees.
  • A UK estate agent used our UHNW Investors List in August 2019 and sold 2 Luxury Flats in London to a contact from Dubai earning  commissions  of US$ 50,000.
  • A Real Estate Agent in Dubai used our Database in June 2020 and obtained 10 Property Listings over a  1 month period earning over US$ 75,000 in commissions.
  • A Real Estate agent used our UHNW Investors List in July 2020 and sold 5 Villas to a contact from Dubai earning US$ 60,000 commission. 
  • A USA Property Developer used our UHNW Investors List in August 2020 and sold 5 Homes in California to a contact from Dubai earning US$ 4,000,000 in sales.

These clients prove that marketing to a qualified database is one of the best decisions they have ever made! In order to reach the same amount of qualified contacts you would need to spend over US$ 5,000 on Google Ad Words or Face Book ads.


 To view the source of the databases you are purchasing click the link in blue here     Click Here To See The Source Databases Of All The Lists     it contains the entire Dubai Database Library of over 180 spreadsheets with over 275,000 property transactions  which were filtered over several months to create the databases.

Dubai Updated 2020 Investors Databases 

Dubai 2020 Databases

Special Offer!

US$ 899


Al Furjan Investors List

Jumeirah Park Investors List

Jumeirah Village Investors List

Jumeirah Heights Investors List

Serenia Investors List

Emaar Beach Front Investors List

Jumeirah Gate Towers Investors List


Are you looking to reach recent Property Investors and High Net Worth Clients in Dubai?

This Database includes over 7,000 Dubai Property Investors from 2018 to 2020.

These investors purchased property in the following projects:

  Al Furjan ,  Jumeirah Park , Jumeirah Village , Jumeirah Heights , Serenia , Emaar Beach Front , Jumeirah Gate Towers

The database includes data points such as emails and/or mobiles for these key contacts. In the past these lists have been very useful to market new Property or Investment Opportunities to Dubai based investors.

Mega Dubai Investors Database – 2021 Version

Dubai Investors List

Mega Dubai Investors Database – 2021 Version

Includes All Databases above – over 150,000 Contacts

Special Offer!

US$ 1,299

Are you looking to reach High Net Worth Dubai Investors?

This is a combination of our most valuable Dubai Investors Lists and includes the following:

  • Ultra High Net Worth Category of Property Investors ( 45,000 Investors)
  • Dubai Investment Bank Clients
  • Luxury Retail Loyalty Card Members
  • Dubai VIP List ( Business Leaders, High Net Worth UAE Nationals, Top Expats in Dubai)

This exclusive database includes entries from 2017 to 2020 and was updated in 2019 and 2020.

This database is for Professional Marketers looking to reach the highest profile of investors in Dubai and the UAE. The database includes emails and Mobiles numbers for the majority of the contacts.



ULTIMATE Dubai Investors Database – 2021 Version

Dubai Investors Lists 2021

The Ultimate Dubai Investors Database – 275,000 Dubai Property Investors –  2021 Version

Includes 80% of Dubai Property  Investors from 2014 to 2020 – over 275,000 Dubai Property Transactions included – emails and mobiles in 95% of contacts.

This Database has never been offered before! – Available starting March 2021

Perfect for New Real Estate Offices or Companies looking to access the majority of Dubai Property Investors

Special Offer!

US$ 4,999



  • Do you want to know what nationality are the most active buyers of Dubai property?

  • Do you want to know what % of Dubai Property buyers spent over US$ 1,000,000 on a single property?

  • Do you want to know what % of Dubai Property was purchased by foreigners?

The Ultimate Dubai Investors List can answer these questions and dozens more!


FAQ’s for The Ultimate Dubai Investors List 2021 Version

What does this database include?

This database includes over 275,000 Dubai Real Estate Transactions, including emails and mobiles in over 95% of total entries. 

Total Transactions : 275,000

Total Emails :  250,000

Total Mobiles:  225,000

What period were these transactions?

These include transactions from 2005 to 2020 inclusive. However over 80% of the transactions were from 2014 onward and over 30% are from 2017 onward.

Are the emails and mobiles in this database up-to-date?

Since this database is the raw data we do not update it from the original versions we received from over 40 sources in Dubai. The reason is because some purchasers prefer to use the data in its original form and have a roadmap of transactions over time. If we delete names that had dead emails there would be no way to track them through active mobiles and vice versa. In total there are over 500,000 data points (emails and mobiles) to allow for a number of contact tracing initiatives. This also allow for the ability to find purchasers who may have used multiple email addresses and mobiles over a period of years for multiple purchases. If you want an updated list we have an Ultra High Net Worth Version of this list that is updated annually and has the top 45,000 Investors in Dubai based on this list. You can see this database above.

Why is this list so expensive?

All my databases have a base cost to acquire. In the case of this list there have been over 40 sources required to buy the individual lists over the past few years. There is no other list like this in the world, I buy lists all the time and can verify that no single person has a database this comprehensive. I am told by some very key Real Estate Developers that my database has over 80% of all Dubai investors who have ever bought property in Dubai. Another of my Corporate buyers of this Database told me that this list “saved him 3 years of Business Development and tens of thousands of US$ in Lead Generation activity.”  One other factor to keep in mind is that if you are selling Investment Property in London, Spain, Toronto, Vancouver , New York, Miami , or Turkey the average commission price for 1 sale is over US$ 20,000 . So if you are a Developer this is a great list to use to generate your own “Direct” sales – and if you are a Real Estate Broker – or a Top Performing Agent – in these markets you have the ability to sell a significant of units in many property developments. It is also very valuable because you can connect individual buyers to their companies to help you create even more specialized databases such as Family Offices and high valued local investors.

The other reason it is expensive is that the commissions that can be earned are typically in the ten’s of  thousands of US$ just for one sale – since most of the buyers of this type of database are either selling property or high grade investment opportunities.  We have had regular feedback from previous numerous database purchasers who have made in excess of US$ 25,000 just from one targeted email campaign. Several have made over US$ 80,000 year over year using it with their companies monthly marketing campaigns. And a few of our database clients  have made over US$ 150,000 by finding a few UHNW Investors within our lists at just the right time. Previous results of buyers of Dubai Databases tend to report a 10 times ROI on their investments – in other words if they paid US$ 500 for a Database they made at least US$ 5,000 in a 12 month period of marketing towards that list.   A few Dubai brokers use this list every single week as I also receive emails sent to a few “secret domains”  I have embedded within the list to trace campaigns from time to time.  In addition I get requests from around 20% of my database customers who want more lists from me. 

Therefore if your target market is High Net Worth Investors that you plan to either contact by email, telephone call or SMS messaging this is a fast and inexpensive way to hit a broad base all at once. If you are starting a new business or real estate company in Dubai you will definitely need to purchase databases to move your business forward in the shortest amount of time. Keeping this in mind it makes sense to acquire one that has the majority of all contacts in it sorted in a clear and concise format for your IT team to manage properly amongst your group.

Who is the typical buyer of this database?

My Dubai Investors lists get purchased typically by Corporate or Institutional Grade firms selling high value property or Investment Opportunities. I also receive requests from many Real Estate Agents in Dubai, Spain, UK, USA, Canada and the Caribbean that are selling Vacation Property to these high net worth targets.

Do you provide samples of your databases to prove validity and if they are up-to-date?

No. Providing a client a “sample” of 100 database contacts does not prove anything when dealing with large databases as we have. It is very easy for us to provide 100 perfect emails and mobiles but that would not have any bearing on a Dubai property Investors List of 45,000 or 275,000 contacts. I have purchased databases off of sources who have provided 50 samples as a rule. All 50 sample emails were good, in other words they all were delivered into the recipients mail boxes. So the entire database must be good, right? But when I initiated an email campaign for myself on this list that had 10,000 contacts I found that over 50% of the rest that I purchased (after receiving the initial sample) bounced back or were dead mails. However I sold 5 properties off of the 50% of the list within a 6 month period. So I did not care about the 50% bad parts of the list I only cared that I had made several thousand US$ in fees. There are also cases where a buyer will use their company email and change jobs – Dubai is a very transient place and it would be unrealistic for us to track everyone on our lists. Most of our contacts have mobiles so we encourage sophisticated marketers to use both email and SMS campaigns to update their data.  In addition we show all our databases to potential buyers  via Drop Box (with emails and mobiles hidden) to prove they are based on legitimate data of real transactions. If you need samples to ease your mind I suggest you find other sources for your lists. If you want me to validate anyone else’s lists please contact me and I will take a look at it. There is a very high chance that I will have already been offered the list as well.

What type of  unique Buyer Demographics can I find in this Database?

The Ultimate Dubai Investors Lists allows you to find buyers in the following key sectors:

  • Dubai Private Real Estate Developers
  • Dubai Family Offices
  • Ultra High Net Worth Investors (Bulk Buyers)
  • Investors by Nationality
  • Investors in High End Projects
  • Investors in High End Neighborhoods
  • Dubai Companies that invest in Property Development
  • Land Buyers

Some Key Investor Numbers within this Database

  • 45,000 Ultra High Net Worth Investors – The Top Tier of the Investor Classification
  • Average Purchase Price of Assets – US$ 650,000
  • Over 400 Land Buyers for Real Estate Development of Apartments and Villas
  • Over 4,800 Commercial, Land, Warehouse, Industrial Property, or Bulk Floor Buyers
  • Over $180 Billion  in Sales of Dubai Property Transactions Recorded
  • Over 80% of all Dubai Property Investors who have ever purchased property in Dubai are in this database (when factoring multiple buyers over many years) 




Dubai Family Offices

 Dubai Family Office , Venture Capital & Private Equity Investors Database – 2021 Version

US$ 99

Are you looking for the leading investors in Private Equity and Venture Capital in the Middle East?

This database includes Private Equity, Venture Capital, Family Offices, HNWIs and Institutional investors from the Middle East and broader Gulf GCC MENA region (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, etc.).

Updated in September 2020.

This Directory is widely used as a reliable source of information about Institutional & Corporate  investors in the Middle East.

It contains 250 Senior Investors Contacts responsible for over tens of Billions of  US$ in Investment and Fund Raising for companies and start-ups.

Contact us for details on how to purchase these Premium Investors Lists

Custom Lists Also Available – Contact us if you need a specific Dubai Investors List that we have not advertised on this Website